was formed in 2012 with the intention of providing free high quality stock photos. As owner & contributor, I, Nicolas Raymond, have been lucky enough to travel the world. In the process, I'd like to think I have gained a profound appreciation for the intricacies weaving this planet together... although I have to admit it is always a work in progress, a never-ending journey to discover new things.

When I moved to Montreal from Washington DC to start university, it was initially my intention to study economics and make a career out of it. I obtained my bachelor's degree in economics, but realized I wanted to follow a more creative path. So I migrated towards graphic design, and it's from there I fell in love with photography.

As I studied graphic design, my budget was tight and I could not afford to pay lots of money for royalty-free images just to get good grades. As such, I came to rely on free stock as an invaluable resource in my projects.

In turn, I felt the need to build my own image bank and that's where I started developing an interest in photography. From a dinky little point-and-shoot camera in 2005, to a big-and-bulky SLR I use to this day, with constant training and practise along the way for the sake of self-improvement.

Meanwhile, I have always been grateful for the free stock I was able to use, and in the spirit of giving back, I have been offering free stock of my own for others to use in their creative ambitions. Photos that I strive to deliver at high quality in the hopes that it will make your end product look better.

That said, please bear in mind my photos are not in the public domain. For a better idea of my personal guidelines, please read my terms of use, which you can find at the footer of this page.

If you're in a generous mood or it just plain tickles your fancy, I would also appreciate any Paypal donations. You can find my Donate button next to the main links at the top of this website. Anything to help cover my web fees and growing camera expenses, no donation is too large or small :-)


Nicolas Raymond

Owner & Contributor

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