As a website dedicated to sharing photos, we have created this section to share and answer Frequently Asked Questions. While we have simplified our Terms of Use under a standard Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported, we realize it is equally important to include an FAQ because we value your feedback :-)

What format are the photos in?
Most of the photos are in JPEG format, but we have added bonus content in other file formats like EPS vectors and Photoshop resources. You can find all of these under Vectors & Graphic Extras. Please note that we cannot attach these different file formats directly for web display, instead we have embedded them in ZIP files which you will need to download and extract.

Do you add photos on a regular basis?
Yes, we add photos as regularly as possible.

I noticed a login link at the top right of the website, do I need to register to download your photos?
No, the login link is only for contributors who submit stock on this website. As a visitor, you can download all the photos you want just by browsing and clicking on the Download button below each photo preview.

Free stock photo websites are a dime a dozen, what makes you particularly special?
Our short answer to that is Free is already better than a dime a dozen. More generally speaking, we would like to think that we raise the bar in terms of quality in what you can find for free. Where many others will offer photos straight from the camera and leave it up to you to fix all the defects, we take great care to process our photos in order to make life easier for you.

And while we realize our collection cannot rival other major free stock websites in the total number of photos, we hope you can appreciate our emphasis on quality. Furthermore, you might be happy to find some niche categories that are hard to find for free stock photos, for example HDR, Air Balloons, Long Exposures, and Grunge Textured Flags.


How can I be sure these photos are really yours? Some of them look familiar.
A honest question that deserves an honest answer. On the Internet, it can be hard to tell where "free" pictures really come from, and we thank you for your concern. Intellectual property is extremely important to us, and although this website is relatively new, we have been offering stock in other venues online as early as 2006, typically through the username somadjinn (on sites like or to name a couple).

For your reassurance, we have also created an page which contains an extensive list of other websites we have contributed to. If you think you've seen our stock elsewhere in more suspicious channels, please feel free to contact us.

Are the photos on really free?
Yes, as long as you credit and link back to this website. As of May 2013, we have adopted a Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported. This gives you a lot more freedom to use our stock commercially while making our Terms of Use considerably shorter. In exchange, this license should encourage a little more Fair Use as we believe in artistic integrity even when it comes to free stock photos. Hence the Creative in Creative Commons :-)


Can I use your photos in my blog?
Yes, you are welcome to use our photos in your blog as long as you credit and link back to Doing this saves you money instead of using premium photos which can be expensive as explained here.

How about Sharing on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc?
Yes, we even offer social networking buttons right below our photos. Besides Facebook and Twitter, there are many other social networking sites you can share our photos with like Pinterest and StumbleUpon if you click on the orange button with a white plus sign. We just ask that you share our photos by using these buttons embedded inside Do not download the photos and upload them as your own.

Do I need to make creative changes to your stock in order to use it?
While we like to promote the creative arts, you are still welcome to use our stock as is without any changes, and share / distribute any way you want just as long as you link back to us. As generous as our terms are, please understand that our stock is not public domain. We still retain copyrights to our own works and we are registered with to help protect against image theft.

Can I use your stock as reference in my paintings?
Yes, as long as you respect our Creative License - Attribution 3.0 Unported. The credit does not have to be written on the painting itself as we realize it can be a distracting element taking away from the essence of your art. Instead, you can include the credit and link to in written publications supplementing your painting; for example within your image descriptions if you're selling your artwork online or a bibliography section if your artwork is featured in a magazine / newspaper.

The same principle applies to any other artistic medium including digital art and book covers. We would naturally prefer the credit line to and the image's respective author to be cited in a more prominent location for better visibility, but that is more of a courtesy request rather than a necessity. Most important is the need to acknowledge the source somewhere in your publication if you use our images.

Can I use your stock without credit?
By changing to a Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported, we are giving you a lot more freedom to use our stock commercially. In exchange, we expect a credit link back to It's a simple gesture that makes a whole world of positive difference to let us know our hard work is appreciated and that our stock is used fairly.

We might allow some credit exceptions for things like charity and non-profit, but in this day and age with Social Media, you can also credit us in Tweets, Facebook posts, or anything else similar for your friends, fans or followers to see (even though we would still prefer a more "permanent" link). In other words, you do not necessarily have to credit directly on your product, we just ask that you reference us in some form of visible channel as a way to contribute a little exposure value.

Sometimes we realize it is not at all possible to include credits, perhaps if you're working as a designer for a travel agency or an advertizing company. In these cases we still want to be accommodating, but would need to charge you an extended license fee to use our stock without credit. We currently treat these requests on a case-by-case basis after you tell us a little about your project, how much money you plan to make, etc. We would however try be as fair as possible, so please feel free to contact us for more details, either by filling out our Contact Form or through

Do you offer the photos at higher resolutions?
Although not guaranteed, in many cases we can offer images at higher resolutions. Please note this would be like a premium service, and premium service typically costs extra. If interested, you can contact us through to enquire about which image you want supersized.

I am interested in one of your model photos, can you please give me a model release?
While we do possess signed model releases for our own reassurance, please understand that most of them at the moment are outsourced and licensed from third party photographers. They have been very kind in giving us the permission to share their photos on under the same Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported, but in some cases they have instructed us to keep their names confidential. These are contractual agreements we are legally required to follow, so we cannot make any exceptions.

However, if you're still interested in obtaining model release form(s), what we can do is contact the photographer(s) in question to see if they might make an exception for your specific needs. No guarantees can be made, but we would do our part to help you out, with the understanding that the decision ultimately lies with the original photographer(s) & their model(s). That said, this would also be considered like a premium service; you could be expected to pay an extended license fee, both to the model photographer and for the extra time and privilege accorded to you.

Some of the model photos we even retouch ourselves, so the source images might look considerably different than how they appear on If we do reach an agreement, please take this into account. Depending on how you want the photo (untouched or retouched), the fees could vary accordingly. Otherwise, there are other model photographers (like Megan cannegieter) whom we do credit and link back to in our image descriptions. Please feel free to contact them directly, but their source files might also look different than how they appear on 

Would you be interested in partnering with our website / company?
Yes, we openly welcome requests for partnership / affiliation. Such requests will not be automatically approved, but as a developing site, we are looking to expand our social network as long as we can both benefit from the mutual exposure.

Can I contribute some of my photos?
While the option is now available, we currently have an invite-only policy for photo contributors. That's because we are still a relatively new website with just one person to administrate it, so time to moderate additional photo submissions is rather limited. We also like to focus on offering free high quality content to stand out from the crowd, and hence why we cannot allow photos to be submitted and approved automatically.

If you think you can provide good photos, please feel free to contact us through We cannot guarantee approval, but rest assured we do not bite :-) We are always looking to enrich and diversify our content, and one category in particular that we would love to add is People & Portraits if you are talented in that area and can include signed model release forms for stock use. Otherwise, we are happy to consider any photographer or designer as long as the images are yours to share and satisfy a good level of quality.

I noticed in some cases that your photos come in different proportions, like your flags. Why is that?
While we usually try to remain consistent by sizing our images at 1800 x 1200 pixels (landscape format) or 1200 x 1800 pixels (portrait format), there are instances where we need to customize the proportions. Sometimes because the cropping allows for better composition, or in the case of flags, we are simply respecting the official standards to the best of our understanding (in their height-to-length proportions). Where the flag of Switzerland for instance is supposed to be a square, or the flag of Qatar is an elongated rectangle.

We know how hard it is to find certain stock images. This is why we have curated a collection that includes grunge flag graphics, HDR nature stock images, and hot air balloon photos.

You are not alone if you have ever struggled to find certain stock images to no avail. Although we know our picture collection is not as extensive as those offered by some other sites, we do pride ourselves on having shots that are extremely difficult to find anywhere else! For example, we have downloadable grunge flag graphics, HDR nature stock images, and hot air balloon photos. These can be used to add extra visual impact to a variety of projects! Feel free to contact us if you are searching for a specific image we lack at this time. You may see it added in the future!

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