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Photo Title: Indoor Fashion Portrait - High Class Lingerie
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Indoor fashion portrait of a female model with a high class vintage lingerie theme.

Image licensed from a professional fashion photographer whose name and model I am required to keep confidential. A special arrangement where I have been given a signed model release for reassurance purposes, but with the understanding that the photographer and model are not connected to or affiliated with in any other way. Hence the need for them to remain anonymous, but you are still welcome to use the image under our same stock rules as long as you credit and link back to

Please also understand the model is a human being and this photo should be treated with respect. Nothing illegal, pornographic, or defamatory should be associated with the image. I realize the lingerie here reveals a fair amount of the female form, but there is no actual nudity, and there are many PG-rated catalogs out there from specialty lingerie or swimsuit stores that reveal just as much (if not more) skin.
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