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Photo Title: Indoor Studio Portrait - Vegan Vampire
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Indoor studio portrait of a brunette woman posing as a vegan vampire licking an apple, isolated against a white background. A special sneak preview from an upcoming series, a custom concept meant for comic relief with a twist of irony... perhaps to convey the classic analogy “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”, or in this case a vampire pretending to be a vegan / vegetarian and that looks can be deceiving. That’s one way of looking at it anyways, feel free to let your imagination go wild as to what else the image could represent.

Special thanks to Megan cannegieter for giving me a model release to share her photo on Same stock rules apply, most notably the need to credit and link back to us every time you use this image.

Please also understand that she is a human being and that her photo should be treated with respect. Nothing illegal, erotic, or overly violent should be manipulated into the image. Otherwise, enjoy and feel free to visit her Fiverr page if you’re interested in her modeling services. Besides her charming beauty, she is very pleasant to deal with :-)
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