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Photo Title: Outdoor Candid Portrait - Retro Urban Fashion
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Outdoor candid portrait of 2 brunette women with a trendy urban fashion theme. Processed with warm muted colors for a more retro & classic appearance.

Image licensed from a professional photographer called Kat Van Skiver. A special arrangement where I have been given signed model releases for reassurance purposes, and where you are welcome to use the image under our same stock rules as long as you credit and link back to

Please also understand the models are human beings and this photo should be treated with respect. Nothing illegal, pornographic, or defamatory should associated with the image.

Otherwise, please feel free to browse more of Kat’s work on her website or contact her by e-mail via Besides her amazing candid photos, she is also a very talented graphic designer :-)

Of the two beautiful models, the one on the left wants to keep her name anonymous. The one on the right however - Jayce Henry - has consented to make her name public, and she can also be contacted by e-mail via
Kat Van Skiver (Photographer) / Jayce Henry (Model) | View this photographers information and photos
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