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Photo Title: Acrylic Star Icon - PSD File
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Quality: Zip File
File Size: 25.52(mb)
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Technical specs: Download contains one ZIP folder with a PSD file, its JPEG & PNG equivalents (1800 x 1800 px), and a README text file.

For all the icons created thus far in JPEG format, I would like to share this Acrylic Star Icon in PSD format in case you want to customize. The layer structure is simple to separate between the star, its subtle shadow, and acrylic background.

Despite the apparent simplicity, this should give you a lot of freedom and flexibility to change the main symbol and even texture if you know how to use clipping masks, so that you can end up with a completely different looking icon with a little creative effort.

Special thanks to Lara Mukahirn for creating the acrylic painting I used for texturing, she's a wonderfully talented artist who was kind enough to let me offer this as stock just as long as you follow our standard Terms of Use.
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