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Photo Title: Ancient Celestial Portrait - PSD File
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Deep space image of the Eagle Nebula surrounded by an antique ornamental frame. For the age of the frame (100+ years), I realize space agencies did not exist to capture so much vibrant detail and photography was only in its infancy stages. Ironically though, the light we see from the Eagle Nebula took around 7000 years to reach us, so it kind of balances out to communicate the concept of an Ancient Celestial Portrait :-)

For your benefit and convenience, the PSD file is carefully structured in 3 different layers so that you can easily mix and match the different elements: Frame on top, it’s inner black glow, and the space image underneath it all.

Space image courtesy of ESA/Hubble, more specifically:
NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA)

SPECIAL NOTE: Since PSD files take a lot of time and effort to prepare, please take extra care in reading and respecting our Terms of Use.
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