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Photo Title: Red Cultural Buttons - EPS Vector
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Technical specs: Download contains one ZIP folder with an EPS vector (v10), its JPEG preview (1800 x 1800 px), and a README text file.

Vector illustration containing 9 red cultural buttons. From left to right, top to bottom, each one represents:

1) Maple leaf from Canada
2) Cross from Switzerland
3) General star from various countries around the world
4) Dragon from Wales
5) Star & crescent from Algeria (with similar symbols in various other Arab nations)
6) Hammer and sickle from the former Soviet Union
7) Star from Burundi
8) Orchid from Hong Kong
9) Double-headed eagle from Albania (and also a classic symbol dating all the way back to the Roman Empire)

SPECIAL NOTE: The EPS vector can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, so please take extra care in reading and respecting our Terms of Use.
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