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Photo Title: Antique Anatomy Illustration - Human Ribcages, Circa 1911
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Antique illustration from 1911 depicting 2 human ribcage sections, with inverted tones reminiscent of an x-ray. The first one representing the normal appearance of the ribs and the second one representing a young woman’s ribs which have been distorted through tight lacing.

Even though the practise of lacing has since largely declined, this illustration published over 100 years ago may still engender some common issues that many women face to this very day, who often feel compelled to distort their bodies to look more beautiful. As a stock image, please understand it is not my personal intention to make any social commentaries, so I am trying to remain as impartial as possible on this issue. Nevertheless, I thought it was interesting enough to mention as the concept of artificial beautification was still present in our distant past.

While this illustration is considered to be in the public domain, I hope you can appreciate my considerable efforts to scan and process it for high resolution display. As such, please do not claim the image as your own, and if possible, I would very much like to know how you put it to good use :-)
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